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Family Portraits

This probably has to be one of my favourite areas of photography. I love meeting families and just having a really good time getting great photos.

The family dynamic is full of love and laughter, and once we get that going in a beautiful setting, then we really see some magic.

Get in touch to see what different packages I offer, starting at a very basic quick shoot in Mangawhai for 4 people at $250. I am regularly travelling between Whangarei and Auckland for photography, travel costs will simply be added for shoots outside of Mangawhai :)

MJ portraits 2020-10.jpg
The Heappeys LR-14
The Heappeys LR-61
The Heappeys LR-92
The Heappeys HR-155
The Heappeys HR-38
The Heappeys LR-4
Millie & Lewis LR-6
Millie & Lewis LR-23
Sanj & Jeff-2
Sanj & Jeff-7
Sanj & Jeff-5
Sanj & Jeff-10
MJ portraits 2020-10
MJ portraits 2020-7
MJ portraits 2020-3
The Hutchings-13
The Hutchings-27
The Hutchings-1
Michael & Casey-10
Michael & Casey-11
Michael & Casey-20
Michael & Casey-18
Michael & Casey-1
Michael & Casey-7
Michael & Casey-4
Martis Xmas-4
Martis Xmas-15
Jamie Dec 2016-1
Andrew + Flea-12
anna dave-24
anna dave-9
anna dave-30
Alex & Finn-3
anna dave-16
anna dave-1
The Joneses-2
The Eade Family-7
The Eade Family-6
The Eade Family-3
The Eade Family-1
Tash + Ben-4
Tash + Ben-2
Simone's Family-6
Simone's Family-7
Simone's Family-5
Simone's Family-3
Simone's Family-1
Indigo + Nathan-6
Indigo + Nathan-3
Brook & Bros-2
The Maberlies-11
Brook & Bros-3
Brook & Bros-5
Brook & Bros-4
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